June 28, 2017

Want more hot SFR in your life? Me too!

If you finished reading everything I’ve written so far because you’re like…the most wonderful person in the world, and you’re wondering, when is Michele Mills going to release something new? Well, good news – here’s my writing plan for the foreseeable future!

Kill For You (Catastrophe Series #2): August 2017
Prison Break (Alien Bounty Hunters #4): December 2017
Crash Landing (Alien Bounty Hunters #5): Spring 2018

Those are the tentative titles for Alien Bounty Hunters #4 & #5 (unless I confer with writer friends who might tell me those titles are just plain stupid, wherein I’ll think up something way better!). Although really, that’s what both of those books will be about – breaking out of a prison and the other one will be a ship crash landing and blowing up and the H/h having to survive and get rescued together. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to write those two stories! (Yes, I’m a big action romance nerd, I can’t help it.)

You know, I meant to only write the first three books in the Alien Bounty Hunter Series and stop there. I planned those three novellas out a year ago. In fact I remember vividly that I wrote Rayzor’s One during the summer of 2016, typing away on my laptop in my bedroom or at Panera. I have all these images in my head of me looking up the Klingon/English translator on Google. Lol You guys do realize that Xylan warriors are born of my obsession with Worf? I mean, Worf is totally freakin’ hot, isn’t he? Then I took it a step further and imaged the rapper/actor Common as a Klingon (because, who doesn’t?) with four fingers and claws, then I was really swooning and…that’s how the Xylan warriors got started in my head. So, if you’ve always thought the Klingons were hot too- these books are right up your alley. 🙂

I also really like post-apoc romance (doesn’t everyone?). Except I was tired of all the YA, kisses only post –apoc romance and I wanted more of it, but HOT. So…I’d written my hot post-apocalyptic romance, Die For You, which released with Samhain Publishing in May 2016 and then unfortunately Samhain announced closure, although it was a slow, long death. This put the next Catastrophe series book, Kill For You, in limbo. Samhain’s closure was the catalyst that caused me to take a different path and start writing the Alien Bounty Hunter series. I had to put Kill For You on pause while I figured out what was going to happen with Die For You, but what should I write instead? One day, while I was sitting there trying to figure a new action plan now that my publisher was going to close, I thought- why am I not writing my own alien abduction romance? It just kinda popped into my head out of the blue. Well, not completely out of the blue. I’m a huge, ginormous science fiction and SFR fangirl and have been for ages.

Need evidence of my SFR fandom? Oh here’s like, four reviews I wrote for the review site, Dear Author, all SFR books:

Can you believe that all the while I was writing those reviews I didn’t see myself as a science fiction romance author, at all? I was barely conscious of the fact that Die For You was technically SFR. I don’t know what my mental block was. All I can think of is that I loved the subgenre so much, I’d read so much of it, I put it on a pedestal and didn’t think I was worthy to write it myself. So anyway, it was after I wrote all four of those reviews above, I decided one day- I need to write my own alien abduction romance. This is because, damn, I love that trope. Laurann Dohner’s book, Kidnapping Casey, got me started on my love affair. And at the time I remember looking through a GR list of alien abduction romance, realizing I’d read over half of them!

So I started writing Rayzor’s One really for myself. I just thought, I’d write this little alien abduction novella, which ended up being all kinds of fun because all I had to do was pull from my mind all the things I’d liked myself while reading these stories and put these things into my stories with a new spin. Fun! Also, I wanted them to be novellas because I read those a lot by Alexa Riley, Jenika Snow, etc and I love having the option sometimes to have short hot reads you can devour in one evening, instead of full books and I thought maybe SFR readers would want that option too.

I was a few weeks into writing it when there was an anthology call by a well-respected publisher for, you guessed it, alien abduction romance! I was like, wow, they’ve read my mind. So I ended up writing Rayzor’s One during a time frame to fit submitting to that anthology. There ended up being so much story though, at that same time I also planned out Joyzal’s Prize and Kayzon’s Wish. By the middle of August I’d finished Rayzor’s One and sent the ms along with a series proposal to the publisher. In September I heard back that they’d cancelled the anthology! And I seriously don’t think they even looked at my submission. Sigh.

After a few weeks of soul searching (with the enormity of Samhain’s closure looming in the background) I decided- why am I pursuing this publisher merry go round? There’s no need for any of this. In this day and age they aren’t the gate keepers they used to be. And I was also waking up to the realization that tons of science fiction romance authors self pub. Like, almost all of them except for maybe Nalini Singh becz, she’s the Nora Roberts of sci fi/PNR.:) I was like, oh here they all are! That’s when I knew I needed to shit or get off the pot and it was time to take my career into my own hands and start self publishing! It took awhile to line up editing, cover artist and learn all the ‘how the hell do I self publish?’ stuff, but eventually Rayzor’s One went Live on Amazon, December 5th 2016. Yay!

And then Rayzor’s One sold pretty good. Joyzal’s Prize sold even better. Kayzon’s Wish is doing really good too! Right now all three books in the Alien Bounty Hunter Series are in the top 100 SFR on Amz and they’ve been there for over a month now. This makes me think of that publisher who didn’t even look at my proposal…You can image how smug I feel. ☺

Knowing that people are reading and enjoying SFR I’ve written—this is so cool, I can’t even tell you. It literally is a dream come true for me, this closet sci fi lover from way back in the day. (Admission- I read the entire Asimov Foundation series as a teen, twice!)

I’m so grateful to all of you who are reading these stories and taking a chance on these quirky alien romance novellas. Hugs, hugs, HUGS. Since I obviously love these types of stories, and you do too- we’re all like people, you know? We have that commonality of adoring similar types of romance. So hey, anytime you have a rec for a book you think I might like- please let me know on my FB author page. I live for that kinda shit. I read romance incessantly and can talk romance twenty-four-seven. Seriously.

So…even though I meant to originally only write those first three bks, I’m going to continue the Alien Bounty Hunter Series. I love writing it and there’s so many more stories to tell!

I’m going to end up bundling the first three bks later this year so it’s easier for readers to define them as a unit with their own theme. The first three are set up like a tv series that has a familiar pattern. Like how you always know at about what time in each Murder She Wrote when Jessica is supposed to solve the murder- like that. The next three are going to be slightly different, with the pattern changed up a bit and then that pattern that’s established in the first (Prison Break) will continue in the next two, and then I’ll eventually bundle those three to define their theme too. But all six will have that whole Kroga of Seventy-Five, Rayzor/Kayzon/Melachine/Joyzal story going on, with lots more angtsy additions. Yes, there’s only two of the new books titled so far, not three right now. What’s up with that? Well, I just haven’t thought of a cracktastic title and premise for #6 yet, but don’t worry, I will. *grins*


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