Want more hot SFR in your life? Me too!

If you finished reading everything I’ve written so far because you’re like…the most wonderful person in the world, and you’re wondering, when is Michele Mills going to release something new? Well, good news – here’s my writing plan for the foreseeable future! Kill For You (Catastrophe Series #2): August 2017 Prison Break (Alien Bounty Hunters #4): December 2017 Crash Landing (Alien Bounty Hunters #5): Spring 2018 Those are the tentative titles for Alien Bounty Hunters #4 & #5…


Michele Mills lives in California and leads a life of quiet, G rated desperation with her husband and two sons. In an attempt at a fulfilling, R rated inner life that does not include Disney movies and Nickelodeon; Michele reads and writes filthy romance and, well…filthy romance. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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