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Here's an excerpt from WAY DOWN DEEP, my and @Charlotte_Stein's epistolary erotic romance told entirely in texts!

excuse me this is the new korean president's bodyguard


"Be you god, devil, neither, or both," bellowed Conan, "it matters no. None have survived my wrath!" Friday drew its blade and closed in.

Sometimes I read Trump's twitter & recall that for most of American history people were like, "women are too emotional to be president."

Just imagine there is a *hyperventilating into a paper bag* emoji and I have placed it here. 😁

Presidents are supposed to have stopped routinely taping visitors without their knowledge when Nixon’s taping system was revealed in 1973.

I walked into a rm here at wrk and the other teachers were teasing me that I'd missed the hardcore conservative spin session they'd all had.

Admission: I cuss in my head all the time. Like, constantly. I use fuck like it's punctuation.

Marked as to-read: Way Down Deep by Charlotte Stein

Oh, forgot to say I also routinely reread Cara McKenna! Willing Victim and After Hours are my fav rereads. #RomBkLove

Coming June 6, WAY DOWN DEEP, co-written with @Charlotte_Stein!
Add on GR:

#RomBkLove Day 12: Most Read or Reread. For comfort or rediscovery what books & authors do you return to?

Every day I wake up and think, is today the day we have enough on him for impeachment? Has he finally hung himself out to dry? Hope so!

You're the president of the United States. You have time on your hands. What do you do? Dig up an old tweet from Rosie, obvi -@EmilyRPeck

Okay, back to the writing bat cave. Love you guys. See ya.:)

Lot's more Romeo & Juliet today. Act 1, "I bite my thumb at you." That never fails to crack me up.

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